Take Your Camera Out In The Snow!

Bad Weather, Good Photos

It’s snowing here today.  Such stormy weather can provide opportunities for beautiful and unusual shots. So, I was very eager to get out and see what I could find.  However, there’s nothing worse for your camera than getting either water or sand inside it.   So as I was getting ready to go out and take some pictures,  I looked around the kitchen for something to protect the camera.  Unfortunately, I discovered that I was out of zip-loc bags.

Zip-loc Raincoat

A large zip-loc bag can make an acceptable raincoat for a DSLR or similar camera.   The camera goes inside the bag, and the lens pokes out the opening of the bag.  You can snug the bag around the lens barrel with a rubber band, or sometimes the zip-loc itself will hold.  But what do you do if there are none around? Continue reading