Smibs TV Interviews Photographer Philip Bloom

I came across this brief interview with Philip Bloom on Luminous Landscape.

Smibs TV Interview with Philip Bloom

It should be interesting to both still and video photographers. He discusses how he started his own business, and about how he got such high visibility after over a year in business for himself. What caught my attention was a comment he made about giving first. He put videos, tutorials and a blog on his website, free. The videos received a lot of attention and gave his business quite a boost.

Bloom used a Nikon D90 for some of the work presented on his website, which is how I first discovered his work. He has some of the best examples of D90 video on the web. We’ll be talking more about the D90 and using it for video in future blogs. Even if you’re a still photographer, a video presentation of your work is a great way to market yourself.

You can see more of Philip Bloom’s work on his website


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