Canon G9 Will Not Power On

G9 Fails to Power Up

This is a short post about an experience I had while trying to package up a used Canon G9 for sale.  I owned this G9 for several years.  It had been very lightly used, so I wasn’t expecting a problem.

As I was checking it out I heard something lose inside.  I powered it down, shook it, and the noise stopped.  Little did I know that a screw had become lose, and lodged itself on one of the circuit boards.  When I tried to power it up again, it was completely dead.  Nothing lit up, no sounds, nothing.

I did some quick searches on the web to see whether others had the same problem with the G9 and what Canon’s response had been.  Mine was way out of warranty, so I wasn’t expecting a free repair.  To my astonishment, I found several threads with a very large number of similar failures. Canon was not acknowledging the problem, but they were fixing it for about $160 (US).

The Solution

Here’s a thread on amazon that I found especially helpful.  It gives you a sense of who will repair it and how much it will cost you should you have this problem with a G-series camera.  Canon G9 failure thread on Amazon.

Lessons and Tips

But the main reason I made this post is to remind you that if you hear something lose inside a camera, don’t power it up.  Instead, remove the battery and take it to be repaired.  The Canon G9 repair is very quick and cheap if the screw hasn’t shorted anything out.  But if it happens to land on the main CPU board and short it out, the repair is expensive.

The other point I wanted to make is that a little loctite or CA glue would have kept those screws from ever coming out.  It amazes me that Canon did not take this precaution on a G-series camera.

So, if you’re going to use a similar camera for aerial photography, you may want to consider taking it to a repairman to have the screws properly secured.   I wouldn’t expect this to be an issue for a pro-level DSLR.  However, a point and shoot, or low end DSLR may be at risk.  A little prevention may save you the loss of valuable footage.

Finally, the last lesson I learned from this experience is to search the web for user experiences before buying the camera. If I had searched on ‘Canon g9 problems’ before buying the camera, I would have made a better purchase decision.



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