Welcome to ‘thePhotographySite!’ This is an educational and inspirational site devoted to the art and craft of photography. There are many good sites devoted to camera and equipment reviews. There will be very little of that here. Instead, we will focus on topics more directly related to finding and manifesting your vision as a photographer. In these pages you’ll find a diverse range of articles. We will explore the psychological and spiritual levels, as they relate to photography, as well as the practical level. For example, you can expect to find how-to articles on the many ways to use photoshop and related software to improve your images. However, you can also expect to find articles that help you to get started in photography; or to pick a new direction for your existing photography business; or to explore ways to attract more clients, if your business is mature. We also plan to publish articles, often in the form of inspirational stories, that are intended to help you overcome any blocks that may be momentarily slowing you down from reaching your potential as an artist.

This site is for you, if you love photography and want to develop your vision, your skills, or your presence in the photographic community. We hope that you will find something of interest here, whether you are a beginner, an amateur, or an experienced professional.

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